Saturday, November 4, 2017

Your Attention Fetish gets satisfied!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the November 2017 Fetish Issue of Attention.

  • Beauty:  Harper Lexington (tah4u)
    • Harper's Flickr:
    • Photography by:  Whimsical.Aristocrat
  • Sim:  Island of the Insatiables
    • Flickr:
    • In World:
    • Interview & Photography:  Isle Biedermann
  • Women's Fashion:  LUAS by AinaraLuas
    • MP:
    • Interview & Photography by:  Partee Mytili
  • Men's Fashion:  FashionNatic by Ellen Moonites
    • MP:
    • Interview & Photography:  Tegan Malone
  • In Their Own Words:  Genesis Gallery Owners Vicki Concertina & Katina Cazelet
    • Website:
    • In World:
    • Interview by:  Brunella Voelisa
    • Featuring art by various Genesis contributers
  • Fetish art spreads by: 
    • Graham Collinson
    • Athena Maripsosa
    • Rachel Swallows
    • Manuel Poza
  • Steak with Sandy Miggins!
  • Also featuring the photography of our Flickr Group

Without further ado, here's Attention!

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