Sunday, September 3, 2017

What is black and white and red all over?

Attention Magazine!

We are proud to release our magazine for September 2017.

  • Beauty:  Renni Jefferson as shot by the amazing Whimsical.Aristrocrat
  • Brunella Voelisa interviews Renni and her partner Uri Jefferson, owners of Mysterium's Mansion featuring art by Whimsical.Aristocrat and guest photographer Laura Richards.
  • Athena Mariposa interviews Tantrica (yt.recreant), the creator of the famous Mama Allpa hud, as well as the owner of the 8-sims large Amazon River with original art by Daimaju Clowes.
  • Athena interviews noted photographer and Thrust Poses creator Cross Aura. 
  • Graham Collinson introduces a new model in his latest photo spread. 
  • Sandy Miggins serves up black beans and rice. 
  • Busty Bee returns after a prolonged absence and we hope you'll agree it was worth the wait!
  • Isle Biedermann checks out the new Live in Sin sim - where live music and adult fun collide. 
  • Rachel Swallows Sim hops and her efforts are simply stunning. 
Tantrica's Info:
  • Flickr [Adult warning]
  • Store:
Mysterium Mansion
  • Flickr:
Uri Jefferson:
  • Flickr:
Daimaju Clowes: 
  • Flickr:
Cross Aura:
  • Flickr [Violent image warnings]
  • Store:
Laura Richards:  
  • Flickr:
  • Amazon River:
  • Mysterium Mansion:
  • Live in Sin:

Without further ado:  

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