Sunday, August 6, 2017

Attention Magazine's August 2017 issue is ready!

Dear Readers,

Attention Magazine is back for August 2017. We can't wait to share our efforts this month with you.

Theme:  Men!
Beauty:  Denny Ballyhoo by Whimsical Aristrocrat

  • Denny's Flickr:
  • Denny's inworld store:
LOGO designer Maximilian Grant gives Brunella Voelisa an exclusive interview about his new Bento Head!
  • LOGO MP Store:
  • Featuring exclusive photos by Bewitched.Difference
  • Also featuring work by the LOGO group. 
Sim:  New Babbage by Isle Biedermann
Fashion by Partee Mytili
  • Partee shines a light on some great SL men and their favorite fashions. 
Bites by Sandy Miggins
  • Sandy brings you man food as only she can
Sammy by Graham Collinson
  • At least her name is masculine. Graham ignores the theme completely, but you won't mind!
Athena's Guys by Athena Mariposa
  • Athena digs through her friend's list to bring you some of the hottest guys in SL. 
Finally, we are pleased to announce a new staff member. His work is on every page. Ted Dosei has come aboard to manage the magazine lay-out. He's our behind-the-scenes tech monkey, but his efforts on behalf of Attention are invaluable. 
  • Ted's Flickr (warning:  Adult content):
Without further ado, Attention!

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