Saturday, July 1, 2017

Attention's Second Annual Swimsuit Issue is here!

Dear Readers,

     On behalf of Attention Magazine, Brunella Voelisa and the staff of the magazine, I'm proud to release the July issue! Partee Mytili has outdone herself with the biggest and best issue of swimsuits you'll see in SL. I'm sure you'll find the perfect item for your closet. She went all out finding you some of the prettiest models from all walks of life in SL.

     Our Beauty for July 2017 is HeeChan (Hee.Jewell). Whimsical Aristocrat, our lead photographer, proves why she's one of the best in the business with her delicate touch on this lovely model. I hope you enjoy our cover, one of our finest yet. The spread inside is definitely a must-see.

     The rest of the staff has been equally busy. Isle Biedermann is in fine form showing off a gorgeous SIM. Rachel Swallows gives her own humorous take on the "Summer of Love." Graham Collinson works his magic in photography, as well as a tragic Nordic lullaby. I'll let you judge the latter for yourself! All that and we have a refreshing summer smoothie from Sandy Miggins.

     I'm excited to announce the return of Manuel Poza. He joined our staff last year, but then suffered a serious health issue in RL. He stayed in our staff group and kept us up to date. I heard from him a few weeks ago and I have to say it was very emotional to see his beautiful work on our pages.

     Finally, Brunella Voelisa took on a challenging interview subject this month ... me. Highlighted with photography from Kyle Devonson, I hope you all are ready to dig into the story behind my SL.

     Without further ado:

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