Sunday, April 30, 2017

Attention's First Anniversary Issue is here!

Jon Demen, former co-owner & Motion editor gracious agreed to be our cover model. Be sure to check out Whims' amazing pictorial of Jon inside. It's definitely her finest work to date. She continues to redefine what a centerfold spread should be.

Jon Demen's Flickr:

Partee Mytili went above and beyond the call to bring you the fashion of Glitter and Artizana. Along with featuring some stunning fashion and the models who wear their clothing, she talked to both creators to learn more about their approach to SL clothing.


Isle Biedermann highlights the stunning Ephemera sim, a fantastical place that includes a full mermaid grotto and all sorts of amazing delights.


Faces and Places:
New photographer, writer and designer (and one of my favorite people) Rachel Swallows features the Lockwood sim, a dystopian landscape that imagines the end of the world as nature reclaims a broken city. She explores it with a little help from her friends, of course!


A Year of Beauty:
New staff photographer Flux Afterthought (I can't believe I'm typing those same words in a sentence) offers an amazing collage of several of last year's beauties, including Yana Grau, Krys Vita, Ali Lancrae, Larry Vinaver, Katina Cazelet, Rachel Swallows, and Laura Richards. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!

Brunella Voelisa interviews smoking hot photographer, model and blogger Cubito Smit. Featuring his work, as well as the humble photographic offerings of Athena Mariposa, you'll learn more about what it takes to learn to be an SL male model.

We have two offerings for you this month. First up is the highly anticipated second chapter of the erotic story by Dax Rahl. Things get even steamier this time between his intrepid trio as they explore their dynamic with each other.

Secondly, in one of those, "Gee, we should really publish this" late night chat moments, Graham Collinson offers a truly inspired poem about a penis in a casket. I can't think of any other way to describe it. You'll have to read it for yourself.

Busty Bee:
Our favorite comic heroine returns. Bee brings back her favorite superhero, Deadpool, in a completely unexpected and inspiring way. I'll give you a hint:  there's a kiss.

A little something extra:
In an homage to our first issue, when Sasquatch Rhino helped me create a well-received article about how he creates his "Shaping Her" photographs, he gracious agreed to photograph me a second time. Perhaps it will be an annual thing? It was a bit of a treat for me. I hope you enjoy the resulting pictures as much as I do.

This post is getting overly long, but yes, there's so much more to check out. We'll be back with an exciting issue next month. Until then, Happy Reading!

Athena, Bru & the Staff of Attention.

P.S. The actual magazine will be embedded in the next post. I didn't want it appearing after a jump.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April showers bring ... Attention Magazine!

Dear Readers,

We are back for the month of April. Our beauty this month is noted sim designer, Krys Vita. She appeared in an article a few months ago and we couldn't help but bring her back for our cover.

We have two Sims this month:

  • Lovers Nation - arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in SL. We hope you'll check it out. 
  • An Uncertain Destiny - A lovely, rain-filled garden with lots of little things to discover. 
We have a wonderful interview with noted pose maker and photographer, Katya Sessions, with photos taken by guest photographer Cub Smit. We have a photospread by Damien Godard. Partee Mytili interviews and shares the fashions of Finale Couture. Sandy Miggins returns with a lovely recipe for banana bread. BeeQueen Smythe returns after a month off with a gorgeous, dark comic. Brea Brianna has an interview with SlackGirl. All that and the photography you've come to expect from Attention Magazine. 

Until next month, Happy Reading!

Athena, Bru, Brea & the staff of Attention

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