Friday, October 14, 2016

Creating a title page

Hi everyone,

As promised in my previous post, I'm going to share how to make a title page in Attention Magazine.

  • This is not going in the magazine. It's a sample and done tongue-in-cheek. 
  • Having said that, this is kinda/sorta how I make a page, with several steps left out. 
  • I launch Photoshop and create a blank page. Out of habit, I always start with a blank, white sheet of paper. 

  • I drop in the picture I've selected for my title page. I'm using one of my own because I can. 

  • I stretch the picture to fit the page. All double pages of Attention Magazine are at 6:4. If a photographer gives me something that isn't at 6:4, I either have to stretch/crop it or use a background, generally black. 

  • Add a title. I've used two different fonts: Blacksword and Times New Roman Bold Italics. We've been using Times New Roman fonts since the beginning. It's a nice serif font, simple and easy to read. Friends don't let friends read crappy fonts. 

  • I've drop-shadowed the font by placing a duplicate layer on top of the other and then off-centering it slightly. This technique tends to work a lot better than using the PS technique that is built in. In highly technical terms, we call this "less fuzzy." 

  • Add a rectangle at the bottom of the page. I've been doing this since Attention started, I like putting the credits down there. I find it less distracting than leaving them on the image itself. 

  1. I change the opacity of the rectangle and add text. This allows the picture behind the rectangle to show through and make it look all fancy and interesting. At least that is my goal. The text itself is simple Times New Roman. Nothing else is done to it. 

  • I add a guideline to prepare the image for cropping. Every single page of Attention is saved 3 ways. I save a PSD version, so I can easily go back in and edit things or move them around. I save a PNG version, for easy uploading and viewing by Jon and Bru. Then I cut the PNG version into two pages right down the middle, as IntelliBook will only accept one page at a time. 

If you stop to think about it, the October issue of Attention was WAY TOO LONG at 460 pages. To upload all those pages, plus the title, spine and back cover (bet you didn't know there's something on the back ... you have to flip it over to view it!) it costs $4,630 Lindens. That's nearly $20 US. If mistakes are found, then I have to re-upload the corrected pages, which adds to the cost. I also pay $9.95 US each month for my Photoshop subscription, so I have to make quite a bit in advertising dollars just to break even.

Why am I mentioning this? Never, ever go into the magazine business thinking you are going to make money. I make more money in an hour at my RL job than I take in each month in advertising dollars. Attention is a labor of love. I do it because it's fun. 

That, and I love Attention/attention!

See you the first Friday of November ... 


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