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Attention's November Cover!

Hi Attention Readers,

The gerbils and hamsters are working overtime to churn out the November issue of Attention. Here's a sneak peak at our cover featuring Rachel Swallow's Falcon.


Creating a title page

Hi everyone,

As promised in my previous post, I'm going to share how to make a title page in Attention Magazine.

This is not going in the magazine. It's a sample and done tongue-in-cheek. Having said that, this is kinda/sorta how I make a page, with several steps left out. I launch Photoshop and create a blank page. Out of habit, I always start with a blank, white sheet of paper. 
I drop in the picture I've selected for my title page. I'm using one of my own because I can. 
I stretch the picture to fit the page. All double pages of Attention Magazine are at 6:4. If a photographer gives me something that isn't at 6:4, I either have to stretch/crop it or use a background, generally black. 
Add a title. I've used two different fonts: Blacksword and Times New Roman Bold Italics. We've been using Times New Roman fonts since the beginning. It's a nice serif font, simple and easy to read. Friends don't let friends read crappy fonts. 
I've drop-shadowed the …

A Work in Progress

Hi everyone!

I thought I would write a behind-the-scenes post about the creation of Attention.

Right now, the staff and I are hard at work creating the November issue. Over a period of the last few months, we've settled on a routine that works for us.

During the month of September, while the October issue was being created, we were already collecting interviews and photographers for the November issue. Every time a staff person would come to me with a pitch for a story, I would create a folder for it on my hard drive. Once the October issue was put to bed, I sent a notecard with a list of everything that had been greenlighted, as well as those holes that needed filling.

By the tenth of October, the full outline of the November issue was set. As I type, content is being created and sent to me. (The cover is finished and it's gorgeous!) I have received text and pictures and have been turning them into articles. Models are being hired, outfits sent out, etc. Some of the staff pre…