Sunday, June 26, 2016

We are very busy at Attention right now. And by "we" I mean "me." All of the articles have been turned in and it's now up to me to get the magazine ready for print. 

What's left? Well, we have to have some advertising to pay for the upload costs. At $10L a page, it doesn't take long to add up. Last month we had 286 pages. That means $2,860L were our base costs. While I never want to overdo the ads, it's nice not to have to pay out of pocket. And if we can help some of the people we cover, so much the better!

I also have to place the magazine in order. Sometimes, the people we cover negotiate a certain position. Sometimes, we have an order in mind. Last month, our Bikini spectacular led the field. Jon, Rache and I try to do this together, so that the finished product correlates with our individual visions and becomes a cohesive whole. 

Once the magazine is in order and numbered, then it's time to upload and put it into the magazine. We use IntelliBook's Magazine Factory. It's just the best and allows us to provide our readers with up to the minute content, links to the Marketplace, LMs in-world. It's an amazing product and was donated to us last month by an anonymous donor. 

Then we have that wonderful moment when the magazine is finished and in our inventories. After that, it is sheer torture not to show you all what we have worked on for the last month. 

Our release date this month will be July 1, 2016. We will celebrate at a party, held at Club Yana's at 1PM SLT. We hope to see you there!

Until then, I have a pic for you. It's a hint of sorts to one of the features we are doing in this month's issue. We'll tease the cover later this week.

Take care!


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